Monday, January 6, 2014

Jeff's First Letter Home

Jeff's first letter was waiting in the mailbox this afternoon.  Yeah!!!

Dear Mom and Dad,
Hey thanks so much for sending me the towel, shampoo and turtle. (Haha, the turtle was born on the same day as Jay).

Anyhoo I just wanted to let you know that I am doing great and learning a bunch.  My other companion arrived last night about 2 hours before lights out at 10:29.  His name is Elder Barton he is from Indiana and got stuck on a shutdown highway.  We are just grateful that he made it here without injury.

So I got assigned to be District Leader last night. Basically my duties are to get mail for our small district and to make sure the other elders are doing well.

The spirit is so strong from all those wonderful teachers and all the missionaries.

Hope I can write again soon.

With all love,
Elder Payne

In Provo, there are various locations that will deliver packages to the MTC for a very small fee the same day.  His aunt suggested we send the couple of items he had forgotten that way. While we were in the store we saw beanie baby turtles.  For those of you that know Jeff, he loves the movie "Master of Disguise" and was a pro at saying "Turtle, turtle" over and over again.  With that in mind, we included it in his package.

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