Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Kindness in the airport

Dear Familia,

Sorry I didn't email like at all whilst in the MTC my muse for writing just was not there (hahahaha).  Hopefully I can make it up to you guys with this letter. 

Well I hope that the letter that had my other sd card for the camera made it to you guys it had some pictures of my MTC district and a few photo bombers haha. 

Well basically my flights were ok from SLC to LAX was a couple of hours and I slept pretty good on that flight. Then I went to go get food in LAX at Mikky D's there and a 6 foot 8 guy in army fatigues walks up and says "let me buy you some food Elder" and I said (hesitantly) "ok"?  So he bought me food and we talked about how his son was on a mission to south Africa and just a bunch of stuff.  Then he walked me to my gate and we talked for a while at my gate then he said he had to go so we exchanged good byes and he left!

Then I flew to Tokyo. It took 11 hours. I was in a middle seat and couldn't watch any movies! It was KILLING ME!!! Hahaha oh and I couldn't fall asleep for some reason.  I got to Tokyo at 1 am and got to Guam at about 2 am.  I met President Mecham and drove back to the mission home to get some
sleep.  It was ridiculously humid. Then the next night we flew to Chuuk (it was even more humid than Guam) and is super similar to the native american reservation.  But everyone is super nice and super humble.

I did get super homesick last night and I am still trying to get over it but we will see what happens. I smell like sweat and campfire.  Everyone here on Chuuk live in little corrugated tin huts that just about roast everything inside when the sun is out. I got to have real coconut water.  That coconut water from Walmart or Smiths is a lie those are old dry and husked.  Nothing compares to fresh coconut water.  I also have had these small bananas that were the most flavorful bananas on the face of the earth but other than that I'm still getting used to it.  The language here is Chuukese and it sounds like gibberish to me but I am slowly getting hold of it.  Some Chuukese for you-

Ran Ananim = Good Day (ohh and they roll there r's super heavy)
Kiddy so = is thank you
Eo tek = prayer

So that's about all I can catch in a conversation but oh well.  But the weather and landscape is similar to the deep south.  Basically imagine a picture of the rain forest with some corrugated tin shack villages interspersed on both sides of the cabin road.  And that is Chuuk. 

Hey well it is now time to get off the computer so i say good by till we meet again.

Elder Jeff Payne!

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  1. My son was trained in Wichap. He loved it, some of his best friends in the world live in Wichap. He was very sad to be transferred. Elder Peck is a great trainer your son will do great and love it with Elder Peck. We normally get email from our Elder on Sunday nights. The mail to Chuuk is great we can get letters usually in a week and packages just over a week. The US mail priority packages are awesome $12 for as much as you can pack in the box. We love MGM best mission ever.