Monday, February 17, 2014

All about food in Chuuk - Feb 16, 2014

Dear Everyone,

Well this is going to be the 'answer questions I have received from you guys back home' email, haha.

Hopefully I can get the general ones answered.

1st - The plane flight. I flew from Salt Lake to LA, then from LA to Tokyo, then Tokyo to Guam.
What did i think of flying?  It certainly wasn't a bad experience, it felt like a long car ride with a whole bunch of people.  I was flying for my first time and I was all by my self!! No other missionaries on that plane!!

2nd - What island am I on?  I AM ON CHUUK NOT GUAM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! and I am on the island of Weno.

3rd - What food have I tried? I don't guarantee that all are spelled correctly!!!!!  Most food they just boil
and/or mash up and usually doesn't have much of a flavor. I have had Puda, which is a large root or potato.
Tapioke, which is another root that they boil and mash. Dog (yes I have had dog) it is kind of tough and stringy here in Chuuk but other than that it doesn't taste like anything really.   Mai or bread fruit, is a fruit that grows every where and again they just boil and mash it. Nu or coconut (this is my favorite).

  Now for the Chuuk Zone Classic (Jace and Moms everywhare, this is for your recipe books). You make rice for however many people you are feeding, then make enough Raman for however many people, then add some sort of meat (or we call it Sedi here - SPAM is the referred sedi) and you just fry it, then you put it all on a big platter and then - the best part - you eat it with your fingers! haha No utensils required hahahaqhaha.  And there it is folks the Chuuk Zone Classic, the best meal a poor college kid or any other person could want!

So i think that Answers the general questions people would have, if there are others just send them over and I will try and answer them!

Well better end this email so my dad isn't up to late putting this on my blog, haha.

Love for everyone,
Elder Jeff Payne

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