Tuesday, February 4, 2014

First Zone Conference and Chocolate Cake

Hey so my week is doing a lot better my stomach isn't bothering me a whole lot as long as I try to avoid eating this Chuukese food. It is basically anything boiled or mashed then served, oh and it is always super bland. 

We have all of the "outer island" missionaries here on Weno for a zone meeting and there are only 3 computers that we can use so it is super hard to get a computer haha the only way I am on now is that a bunch of the other guys went to go play basket ball.  hey its okay about the package as long as it gets here I will be fine. 

Yeah that first chapter of PMG is great its super important to have good relationships with everyone
because the first time you meet that is how they will perceive you and if you gave a good impression you need to keep holding that so they know that that was the real you.

I love you guys too and let everyone know that as well!

Make sure that Kris and jay keep emailing and writing its nice to get letters cause I don't have to wait for people to get off them to read them haha. Tell Kris that I loved her letter and that it almost made me cry (her picture that she drew is super legit tell her to keep improving)

With all the love one can muster,
Elder Jeff Payne

Jeff's first zone conference.  All the missionaries in his zone were brought to Moen.  Jeff and his companion Elder Peck are bottom left. Sister Crisp made them chocolate cake (Jeff is loving her, I'm sure!) The Crisp's update

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