Monday, March 10, 2014

Request for testimonies

Hey well I don't have much time.
So sorry for not emailing last week. The internet in the Mwan was down so no one got to email. So no one freak out I am not dead, I am still alive and well.  Just have a funky rash that I explained in a letter that I am sending today.
I received the valentines day package and am thoroughly enjoying the wonderful cookies that you sent.
Super, sad to hear about Snowball. I can't load the picture that dad sent but I will look forward to seeing her grave when I go home in 2 years.
Well I went to my first Chuukese funeral the other day. One of my Elder Peck's recent converts died. So these funerals go on for like 2 weeks and the family and friends cry really loud. You go and pay a dollar to the family for the viewing.  Sometimes the body stays in the warm, humid, house for like 2 weeks or more.  They then bury the body and fill the hole with concrete.
In other news our one and only progressing investigator A. is going to be baptized on the 22nd (can I get a hip hip hurray). 
Well have to wrap it up and want to encourage you guys to go and read the introduction to the Book of Mormon and then Moroni 10:3-5. Pray about the Book of Mormon even when you have grown up in the church.  You need to go and do this for yourselves because it will encourage and inspire the people here to go and share the gospel with all those that they know!
So now, I want a paragraph report and testimony that I will try and read to them next week. I would also like a handwritten letter as well that I can share with my investigators. I know that a testimony is a very personal thing and if you don't want me sharing it just tell me in your letter and I promise I won't share it!!!! Haha but seriously I want at least a paragraph from each one of you guys. Then go and do this every time you feel that your testimony is questioned or shaken.
Hey well love you guys and want the very best for each and every one of you,
Love Elder Jeff Payne

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