Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Visit to the doctor

Letter sent by regular mail - dated March 9, 2014

Dear family,

Well first I want to say sorry for not e-mailing last week, the Internet was down all day Monday so hopefully it will be up tomorrow.  If it is you will hear from me, if not, I'm not dead Mom so don't worry.

And in other news.  Not much has been happening out here in Chuuk.  Wichap is a very difficult area because everyone who want's to hear the Gospel has and now no one really wants to hear the message we have except for Mr. A.  So I don't know what we will do once he gets baptized if we can't find any new investigators.  But best not to worry about it right now.

Oh another interesting thing is Friday (the 7th) I woke up with this super weird rash that just itches like crazy.  I first noticed it that morning when I went to take a shower.  I took off my shirt and noticed some red bumps on my chest and I was like, "What the heck?".  So I turn to look on my back and it is all over my back and butt.  So after my cold shower I go in and tell Elder Peck.  Ha ha.  He looks and says, "You're becoming a Chuuk Elder!", because this is my first strange rash, ha ha.  No then he says let let it go for today then we can call the Zone Leaders and see what they want us to do.  Well, we call them and they say that they are going to take Elder Simpson to the hospital anyway and they will come pick us up.  Well, they pick us up and we head over to the hospital and I am scared out of my mind because I have seen the rest of poor Chuuk and am wondering what the hospital will be like.  What I am imagining is an old, rusty, 1800's hospital where all the equipment is archaic and barely working like you would see in some horror film. Then we get there and the place is empty, completely devoid of human life and we have to yell to get someone to the front desk. The lady tells us to go to the Emergency Room, so we walk down this hallway and turn left (and this is all about 8:30pm and that's when a lot of the hospital closes) and we are walking toward this large door and through the window on the door it is just completely dark except for the... wait for it... flickering fluorescent light!  I nearly wet myself.  Luckily Elder Obray turns and opens another door to our left and we walk in and there is a doctor sitting in the ER.  He looks and asks in English, "What's wrong?".  So we tell him and he looks for a second at my back and says it looks like the beginning of a skin infection and prescribes me some antibiotics ans some anti-itch cream.  He leaves the room for a little bit and comes back to tell me that I have to come back on Monday to get my medicine.  Now here I am Sunday night trying not to itch my brains out and just all together being driven insane by it.  But unfortunately it has gotten worse and spread to my thighs.  So tomorrow morning we are going to drive straight to the hospital and tell them that it has gotten worse and we will see from there.  But all in all if I am dying I will call you guys and talk to you one last time...  But it probably wont come to that because if it gets worse from there they will fly me to Guam where they have a really good hospital. Plus I am assured that I won't die because in my Patriarchal Blessing it says I will get married, ha ha.  Also because Alma and the Sons of Mosiah were promised that even though they would be afflicted with all manner of afflictions but that they would not die.  So both you and it can take comfort in.

Well I will wrap it up with a testimony of prayer.  Our only true is trying to quit smoking and we told him that every time he has the urge to smoke that he should pray and ask if Christ would take that urge away from him, and it is, it truly is because he is asking in full faith that Christ, our savior and redeemer, will take that urge from him. So to all that are struggling  whether it be addiction or pain or you just want to talk to someone who truly knows what we are going through, get on you knees and pray with your whole soul, in faith, Christ will help you.  I know these things to be true, in the name of Jesus Christ. Amen.

Remember Christ is always there and his angels are on your right hand and your left.  Never forget that!

Elder Jeff Payne

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