Monday, April 28, 2014

Reading 'Jesus the Christ' and new pictures

March 19, 2014

Dear Family,

Well this past week has been long and hard but I will start with exciting news, last Wednesday I finished reading the Book of Mormon.  I started it in the MTC but then restarted it when I arrived in Chuuk which was Jan 17th. It took me a transfer and a half but I did it! My favorite parts are when both the Nephites and Lamanites are at peace and the church is established through the land, it is too bad that happens so few times and lasts so few years.

So I have started to read Jesus the Christ.  It is a super good book that you need a dictionary to read effectively.  But it has brought some cool things and thoughts that I haven't relized before.  Like there is this part where it talks about miracles in general. Talmage talks about how miracles are phenomena that cannot be explained. By definition God knows everything which we do not. So we need to recognize and remember that we do not know everything so we have to look to the One that does know everything for guidance and revelation in our lives.  So that we can best help and serve those around us.  Also remember to read the scriptures every day and look for and mark anything that has to do with the Gospel of Jesus Christ, the Atonement, or the Gathering of Israel.  Mark these as you read in 3 separate colors (so you can tell them apart) and it wil surprise you how many  of each there are.

Well I will wrap it up for this letter by saying, I love you guys and want periodic reports on your guys testimonies because I need them as continual witnesses of the Atonement.  I love you guys and send me pictures of stuff (I need a good one of Cocoa)!

With Love,
The Elder Jeff Payne

We received pictures with this letter!!

Tuesday, April 22, 2014

A few current photos from President Mecham's FB post

I think the Chuuk Internet was down one week, we didn't get any letters. The next week Jeff wrote short letters to Jay and Kristen.

So we will live with pictures from Zone Conference. :)

Elder Peck and Elder Payne

Elder Peck and Elder Payne role play

Practice... Practice... Practice
The Micronesia Guam Mission - Chuuk Zone

Monday, April 7, 2014

Jeff received packages and is waiting on news about transfers...

Hey Fams and friends,

So this week has been a good week.  This is transfers week and I am pretty sure Elder Peck and I will stay in Wichap, but the Chuuk Zone needs 3 new elders.

There is no need to worry about me I am okay.

Well we will have a baptism on Wednesday on the TINY!!! island of Etan it is between Tonoas and Wichap.  We honestly believe that this man will be the next Wichap Branch President so it will be very good for our little branch.

I have received some boxes that had a bunch of cookies and what-nots and was really good.  One thing I got (and I would like to get every once in a while) is a big Ziploc baggy of the condiment packets you get from restaurants. Stuff and that is super nice to have because condiments are expensive here in Chuuk, so I thank those who sent it to me.

Well I will wrap it up with a testimony of the blessings of being faithful and have unwavering doubt in God.  I know that all of your prayers and fasting for us missionaries do work and we do receive blessings from those prayers.  Please continue to pray and fast for us.  We do feel your love and want to return all that we can back to you guys.

Well I love you all and enjoy receiving letters from you guys and I will try and reply when I have money to send them.  Thanks and I Love you all and we do pray for you guys.

Love Elder Jeff Payne

P.S. Ya so we will call you guys a couple of days before Mother's day and set up a good time to skype (if the internet is working). But if all else fails I will be able to call because the Mwan Chapel has a land line so we will see what happens when it comes up.

P.S.S Pops,
So we had a sort of Zone Confrence to kind of talk about events and get feelings out.  We ate at Blue Lagoon Hotel because that is the nicest resort here in Chuuk.  The Letters have been taking about 2 weeksish and it dependes on when the ZL's can get the mail.  And I have written quite a few so hopefully it gets to you soon. Well I love you guys and will email later.

Love you guys and miss you so much and am super stoaked to talk to you guys on Mothers day. We will call a couple days ahead of time to set a call.
Love you,
Elder Payne

Picture from Elder Hunter's blog

Pictures from Elder Hunter's blog - a few with Jeff !!

Jeffery is in a few pictures in Elder Hunter's blog:
Elder Hunter in Micronesia Guam Mission
March 2014 - Random pictures from SD card.
Jeff is in a few about half way down the page.  But if you look at all the pictures you can see how life is in the Chuuk Zone.  I don't know what island these were taken on. 

Thanks Brother Hunter for making these available!