Monday, May 19, 2014

Happy Easter

Hand written letter receive by post mail today!

April 20, 2014   HAPPY EASTER

Dear Family + Freinds (ha ha spelled friends wrong!)

Well this past week was really nothing special.  On the 18th President Mecham came in for Zone Conference + it was super good.  He talked alot about obedience because that's what the Chuuk Zone really struggles with. Only because the president is 300 miles away + can't watch over us all the time. But that is why we (or I) as missionaries learn about being self-disciplined + honest with ourselves.

Well Saturday was really cool because we went up to a Mima, (pronounced Mee-mah) which is Chuukese for a funeral, because a member asked us to go.  So we did and got there really early and kind of hung out with these two guys. One of them said, "let's do something to pass the time" and asked us if we had a Bible (which of course we did). So Elder Peck hands him the Bible and he turns to Matthew 28:1-10 and kind of just asks us questions about it.

Then Elder Peck pulls out a copy of the Book of Mormon and asks if the man has ever seen or had one.  The man (sorry I can't remember his name) says that he hasn't seen a copy of the Book of Mormon.  So we begin to explain about it whe he cuts in and asks how Elder Peck came to have faith in this religion. Elder Peck describes how when he was younger he went to church because his parents made him go and he just went through all the motions to make his parents happy. Then one day he read Moroni 10:3-5 and decided to give the promise a try and gained a super strong testimony.  That's why he is was on a mission.  Them commited the man to try it out and "find out for himself if these things aren't true".  The man said he would and we could all feel the Spirit SUPER strong.  It was a really good lesson and we are planning on going and finding him again on Tuesday the 22nd.

That was about it for last week but we had a beautiful, sunny Easter today.

You guys let me know how everything is at home.

Elder Payne

Here are some more pictures from the SD card received in April...

Group Picture

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