Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Jeff's first transfer and some pictures

Dear Family and friends,

Well as you know transfers were last week and I did get transferred! I am still in Chuuk, I am now in the city of Nantaku and I am with Elder Simpson. I kind of told you about him, but he is from Canada and is super fun and a really good missionary. I am going to learn a ton from him and from the members because in Nantaku a lot of people know at least some English and a few can speak it really well, so they are going to help me learn more Chuukese. I am already really enjoying it here.

That is super cool about Kevin Payne getting his mission call to the California Redlands Mission, I am really glad he decided to go and would love to email him and write to him so if someone would be so kind as to send me that information when they find it out I would be very appreciative.

JAY YOUR GETTING OLD HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! So are you Kris don't grow up to quick and savor the good times, they go fast.

Really good to hear that Dan and Rochelle got an offer on their house. Let me know their address when they go so I can write them and get me an email address as well so I can talk to them.  And yell at Dalton for me and tell him to write me or email me or something so I can know what is happening with him.

Nooooo!!! ... DONT SEND ME CROCS! They are not effective in chuuk, they die, really fast. Please heed my warnings. The scriptures say "don't spend money on things that are of no worth". Crocs fall under the category of "no worth". But thank you for the goodies they are really good and do enjoy them thoroughly. But please, I would rather you spend $17 to send food to me. I would just give the Crocks to someone who needs them.

Well I love you all and I want you to all look at life and whatever isn't what is taught in the gospel and "nikitano", or throw it away in Chuukese, it will bless you as you bring your life closer to Christ's and try and make his will your will.

Well I love you all and want you to have the best life possible.

Elder Jeff Payne

We already sent a pair of Keens shoes - which we have heard are much better. Also received a package with some gifts for the family and an SD card with pictures.  See below...

Using the natural resources for an umbrella

The view from one of the Elder's investigators home.

View from an investigator's home.

Elder Payne, Elder Peck and friends.  (Jeff will have to send us more details)

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