Wednesday, June 4, 2014

One shoe has arrived. Crocs not good in Chuuk.

Dear family and friends,

Well its good to hear my package got to NM ok. I was super worried about it, haha. Did it make it in time for Jays birthday? Or was it a little late? haha... I wasnt sure when it would make it. It is really nice because the post office is in our area so I can send mail more regularly. haha But still cant get it regularly, thats up to the stressed out, super busy, zone leaders. haha But they are super good they just need the other missionaries to help as much as possible.

I freaking love Nantaku! A lot of the people know pretty good English and can really help me with Chuukese. So I am learning super fast and its kind of hard because I have learned so many words so fast that I cant remember them all.

Tell Kristen to not hurt her self, but if it cant be avoided I dont know what to tell her. I am sure there is some scripture or something that relates to the situation but I dont know them, haha.

Well Kristen and Mom, have fun at girls camp and just remember to trust the Lord because He helps you. You can put your full trust in Him because He knows best.

I have the first shoe and am still waiting on the next shoe. I have been suffering in the Crocs because there is no tread left on them and Nantaku has a lot of concrete that is slick when it rains. But it is the #1 area in the mission!
Well I love you guys and talk to you later.

Elder Jeff Payne

We were instructed to send the shoes one package at a time.  Also we have been completely wrapping the packages in clear packing tape to protect the contents from tampering and water damage.

Kristen sprained her ankle jumping on the trampolines at Gravity Park.  Poor thing was only a couple of minutes into her one hour 'flight' when she hurt herself.  We were worried that she wouldn't be able to go up to Girls Camp this week.  But by Tuesday morning, she didn't even want to wear the ankle brace because she was up and mobile.

Jeff re-gifted a Birthday card to give to Jay because they don't seem to be available in Chuuk.  Genius!

Their stove coil burst. never heard of that happening.


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