Thursday, July 31, 2014

July 27th letter

Dear Family and Friends,

Well here I am sefan (again) writing another email home, haha.

Well to start, this week has been a long one. It started with a long P-day and ended with a long Sunday. I am just going to do the highlights of each day.

Tuesday- We went and met with a less-active member named KK, there we are teaching her neighbors and they all really like the gospel message even though the church they currently go to really doesn't like our church, haha the true church for the win! haha. Their names are Fifian, Nono, Viper (but in Chuukese it is pronounced more like Fiper), Fifani they are all really cool.

Wednesday- We had a baptismal interview, the iterviewee's name is Sia and she is late 20's I would guess, and has a little daughter named Sasa and they are in a part-member family where her sister is a member.Sia just hadn't been baptized yet. So she got interviewed and she is already to go to be baptized.

Thursday- We went up to see Jay, and had a super good talk with him and he said he wasn't quite ready for baptism and he isn't sure what he is missing but we have taught him everything that we can. All that is left is for him to "pull the trigger" for lack of better wording. He is ready. But wasn't baptized this past week.

Friday- We went around inviting people to the baptism. We told Sia and her family that we would meet them under a mango tree to head out to the Mwan chapel to the baptism. Everything was set for a good baptism.

Saturday- We wake up and get ready to have our first Baptism in Nantaku. We get all ready then the missionaries truck in Mechitiw  wouldn't start and so Elder Simpson and I had to call the Zone Leaders for help. So the ZL's agree to help us. We head out to the mango tree that we were going to meet Sia and her family at and... Sia wasnt there?!? We asked her sister Meinani where Sia was and Meinani says Sia's mom said she couldn't be baptized because she had already been baptized into the Catholic church!!! What the heck! Oh well we try for next week.

Sunday- We get all ready and head out to walk with Sia and Meinani and their family. So we usually walk up the mountain and walk with the members the half hour to church. When we get to the church and it is kind of quiet which is very unusual because the congregation consists of women and childern and are very loud. haha So we walk up the hill to the church and only one member is in the church and she is from NANTAKU!!!!!  haha But it is okay because we started church an hour late and only had half of our normal congregation. Even so, Sunday was super good. Then went out and taught in the rain it was a great day.

Well gotta go love you guys.

Elder Jeff Payne

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