Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Zone Conference Pictures

Dear Family,                                   July 9, 2014
Well I have been doing super good this week. first though yes I am emailing on a Thursday but it is because the new mission president is here for Zone Conference tomorrow. So p-day (preparation day is when the Elders do laundry, chores, and stuff) is today. So this week has been super good we have been talking to everybody all the time it is really surprising how not awkward it is most of the time haha.  But we have been good and we have been teaching up to 30 people a week and have 11 people on a baptismal date and we are hoping they all come to church so please help us in prayer haha.   Well we didn't do anything for 4th of july.
That state fair parade I marched in during high school was awful. It was cold, I stepped in horse poop the whole way, and my feet hurt aaand we didn't get anything for it, so the whole thing was sonapanap (or a complete waste) haha.
Awww man, Cochiti Lake sounds like it was good and I wish I could go swimming, but oh well I will survive for 18 more months haha.

Well I love you all and pray all the time for ami (or y'all is the closest thing in English).

Elder Jeff Payne

Hey dad how come no one told me Jay destroyed his longboard!!!!! hahahahaha I am so proud! haha Sorry I think it is super funny haha can you try and send me some pics?  I want to see the extent of his injuries, and I have some advice for him as well. When you have those, "Aw crap" moments, as we call them, to just bail from your longboard. It is better to bail and try and roll it out than to slide into ant hills haha. Tell jay that I am giving him permission to take the bearings from my longboard and use them haha but the wheels and trucks and deck are still off limit haha.
Love you guys!!

Elder Peck, Elder Payne and Elder Simpson learning from President Zarbock.

The Chuuk Zone - July 2014

President and Sister Zarbock

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