Saturday, November 15, 2014

Letter from Guam and pics from Chuuk and Guam

Wednesday Nov. 5, 2014

Well to start I would like to apologize for the lack of snail mail this past transfer. E-mailing is just so much easier and faster but I am sending my SD card so snail mail it is.  Well this past transfer has gone by mind blowingly fast but more or less enjoyable because the people here on Guam are super prepared (except for some) and are very kind and generous to us poor hungry servants of the Lord, ha ha.  I am writing this transfer night because it is possible that i will get sent of Guam but I dont think I will.  Man some of the people here are definitely becoming my favorite people.  The Villario family or this recent convert from the sisters named Jennifer who feeds us every sunday, ha ha.  I have been thinking recently of moving here for a while, I dont know yet we'll see what happens.  In some ways Guam is harder than Chuuk, like it is hard and takes lots of planning to get peopley married. People here are more attached to their churches and want less to learn about another. Another wierd thins is knocking on doors... never had to do that in Chuuk and I am super awkward when it happens but I am working on that so anisiei non iotek, ha ha.  I am working hard and trying to baptize the island!

Love Elder Jeff Payne

Sunday Nov. 9, 2014

Hey so transferrs came and went and I am staying with Elder Rice in Dededo South... So this means that I will send Elder Rice home, mwahahahahahahahahahahahahaha.  I am doing good, still working hard. I sometimes get a little frustrated because there are tons of less-active recent converts in our area and not many of them are making any real progress. There are a few rays of gold like Rachel's family and this Chuukese family we are teaching. But for the most part everything is good.  We have been starting to tract! We are really awkward at it because neither elder rice or I have done any tracting our entire missions, so if you have any advice, and I mean any, it would be greatly appreciated :) 

Well love you, Elder Payne 

Elder Fermanis and Chuuk wildlife

Elder Jeff Payne selfie

Last sunset in Chuuk

Resorts in Guam

Elder Payne relaxing.

Rocking the cheap duds picked up from one of the locals.