Friday, December 26, 2014

Christmas Phone Call from Chuuk


We were lucky enough to hear from Elder Payne two times this week!

He surprised us with a call on Sunday December 21.  Jeff called Curtis' cell phone and we almost didn't answer because we didn't recognize the number that was displayed in Caller-ID.  Luckily Curtis decided to answer. Jeff simply said, "Hey".... long pause ...  "This is Jeff".  Curtis was very surprised and felt bad he didn't recognize the voice.  He had to hang up so we could call him back because the missionaries can't pay for the international call.  We called right back and scheduled the official Christmas call (and chatted for a few minutes).  We learned that he had just arrived back in Chuuk the night before and hadn't really been able to see anybody or do anything.

The scheduled call was for Christmas Eve, 7pm Mountain time in the U.S.  Noon on Christmas Day in Chuuk.  We decided to completely skip trying to Skype since it didn't work so well last Mother's Day.

Skipping ahead to the Christmas Eve call!

The phone call was excellent.  The only technical difficulty was the slight delay which meant we had to repeat questions a few times.

Jeffery is on the island of Weno serving Mechitiw area.  He began his mission on Weno and was very excited to be back there.  His companion is Elder Klevin (don't know about the spelling yet - we didn't ask) from Utah (somewhere, Jeff couldn't remember what city).  He will miss the air conditioning and luxuries in Guam, but isn't worried at all about getting by in Chuuk.

We asked about his apartment and living conditions.  His apartment is okay, there isn't a microwave, but they do have a refrigerator.  The refrigerator doesn't have a working freezer.  They have an electric stove that works when there is electricity.  He is back to taking 'bucket showers' since there isn't running water for a shower.  His bed is a table without a mat.  We offered to send a sleeping pad which he declined.  He says they are available if he wants one.  This is the same kid that used to sleep on picnic tables when camping.  He's okay on a hard flat surface for sleeping.

For Christmas he was going to go visit some families that had invited the Elders over.  They got permission to watch the movie 'Polar Express'.  He had already opened the Christmas packages we sent.  He liked the Slinky and socks.  He said that before leaving Guam he decided to buy extra socks.  Then got the socks we sent and received more socks from a family in Guam!  He has plenty of socks now!  He enjoyed the home made cookies.  Dodie wrapped them up in little bundles and packed tightly in a plastic bowl.  That kept them from getting dry and/or crushed during shipping.

To end the call Jeffery bore his testimony in Chuukese.  It was awesome!  We could feel his love for Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ.  He spoke of the prophet Joseph Smith and the restoration of the Gospel.  We heard about how the Book of Mormon is another testament of Jesus Christ.  We know that he loves serving God's children in the Micronesia Guam Mission.

Ending the call was a little emotional.  We all got to say how much we love Jeffery and how proud we are of the man he has become.

What an awesome Christmas!

Sunday, December 14, 2014

Sites in Guam and transfer news

December 4, 2014 Letter sent with package of gifts

Dear Family,
I am still doing good though a little sick right now.  Just a runny nose and a sore throat, but it isn't bad.

Recently on P-day Elder Kruger (one of the other Elders in the area) and I have gone to see stuff on Guam.  This past Monday we went to see Two Lovers Point and took pictures and stuff.  Last week we got a chance to drive down South and saw a few people that Elder Kruger knows and some other cool places.

Love Jeff

December 14, 2014

Hey guys,

I am very surprised that the box I sent is there already. But am glad it got there.  I hope the boxes you sent get here today or this week because of... Transfers, thats right it is that time again (dang it) and I have been transfered back to Chuuk!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I am going to be in Mechetiw on the main island so I can still email every week if the internet is up haha.  I am going to miss Guam and the people of Dededo really bad (and air conditioning, good cars, warm water, fast internet etc.). But I am excited to go back to Chuuk and apply what I havce learned here in Guam to the work there and try and keep the work going forward.

For Christmas, if it is okay, I am just going to call this time because I dont like the whole trying to work with skype thing in Chuuk.

Love Jeff
The Elders always attract a crowd.

He said he was only a little sick...
All better now.  :)

and now a few post-card shots from Guam by Jeff

Thursday, December 4, 2014

Thanksgiving letter from Guam

Dear mom,                                                                             November 30, 2014

Ok what I want for Christmas is (my 2 front teeth, haha heard that in a store today and thought why is Christmas music on it isn't even cold yet...) I could use new white shirts because the ones I have are getting to the point of dirty that the dirty doesn't come out when you wash it haha.  Some other things that would be nice but not necessary; some more of the nice family pictures like a bunch if possible because I like to give them to the families that I get to know really well,  I would like a tie clip/pin, I need a new oil vial (it dissapeared somewhere between Chuuk and Guam and I have looked everywhere) and whatever other random New Mexico tourist stuff to trade people for random Guam/Chuuk tourist stuff, haha. 

We do have a Christmas tree!

Right now it's just me and Elder Rice, Elder Matalolo got moved last transfer.  Elder Rice "dies" or goes home on December 18th.

We are teaching Mattheus and Irine, they are an older Chuukese couple that we have been seeing. They agreed to be baptized if they find out it is true, they are really cool people and they always make us kool aide when we come, and Mattheus is from Uman and Irine is from Wichap.  We teach a ton of Chuukese people and they are all super cool.

So I had 3 thanksgiving dinners and 2 others that I couldn't eat anymore on Thanksgiving so we just packed some plates to take home and eat later.  And here on guam thanksgiving consists of rice/red rice (depending on if they are Chamoro or not), BBQ chicken, turkey, ham, potato salad, turkey tail and a few other things depending on who you eat with.  It is was hard for a lot of people to do a thanksgiving dinner because they don't have a lot of money.

Well Love you guys.

Elder Jeff Payne

Elder Payne's current mailing address:
620 W. Route 8
Barrigada, Guam 96913  U.S.A

The Elders all enjoying Thanksgiving!