Monday, January 26, 2015

Another letter from Chuuk... Finally!!

January 25, 2015

Hey the Internet is up!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

So my house is good just have kids asking for everything and a half, but it has gotten better.

Dad asked if I pulled money out before I left Guam and yes I did.  I knew that there would be absolutly no food in Mechitiw because it was near the end of the month. I get there and I was correct there was nothing. Sorry if it messed up some master plan but I felt hunger was a good reason.

So I got the 3 boxes. Thank you so much for the protein drink powder, it has been awesome. I am still on the chocolate one, it is good and it helps a ton. One of the boxes exploded and one of the ravioli cans blew up so everything was covered in ravioli! But it still tasted good, haha.

other than that everything is good. Yesterday was transfers and Elder Kleven and I are staying together. I am going to get to send him home because this is his last transfer.

I am good, no sickneses, no leaky roofs, just missionary work!!!


Elder Payne

Just a short letter.  But at least Dad and Mom know he's okay. :)

Including some older pictures as we wait for the next SD Card to arrive with new photos.

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