Monday, January 5, 2015

Last letter for 2014

Hey Dad,                                                                                 December 29, 2014

Ya sorry if you guys didn't hear all you wanted to out of me at Christmas. I just wanted to listen to you guys talk so I know that everything is still all right with you guys.

So about my companion and the area we are assigned to serve, Elder Kleven is his name. He is from Logan, Utah he is into dirt biking and off roading and camping, etc. The area is called Mechetiw and it is kind of like Wichap. There are lots of corrugated tin homes and only a couple of roads big enough for a car. I went to that branch when I was in Nantaku so I kind of know some people already.

What do I need you to send me? One thing that would be nice but is kind of expensive, would be a protein drink mix. You can get it at any vitamin store, and I want it beacuse it means I can eat a little less because helps fill you up. If you do get one of those, get one that I can mix with just water. But if that isnt an option a new watch would be nice.

Elder Jeff Payne

Elders got together on Christmas day for dinner and phone calls home. Thanks to the Hardysblogspot for the photo!

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