Monday, February 9, 2015

Short Letter to Start February and Some Pictures

Dear Family                                                                        Feb. 9, 2015

Well I have not gotten your birthday letter with the money yet but it should be soon, haha.  I am doing good. Today we had a Weno p-day out on a little island called Pesiwi and it was super fun. I got super sunburned haha. So that will be fun over the next couple of weeks.

Some people we have been teaching? One is a couple named Churida and Sour, all there kids have been baptized but they have not. The wife Churida went through the Baptismal interview but didn't get baptized because her husband Sour didn't feel ready. But we are working with them and trying to help them.

Well love ya,
Elder Jeff Payne

We received an SD card with pictures.  Here are a few, but I will post more in the next few weeks.

Picture from the beach in Guam

Church building in Chuuk

Elder Fermanis (not sure what he's doing - Jeff didn't say)

Elder Payne - Back in Chuuk

Elder Payne, Eltereen, and Elder Kleven

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