Monday, April 13, 2015

Letter from Elder Payne about the typhoon

Dear Family,                                                                                        April 13, 2015

I survived the typhoon!!!!!!!!!!!!!  This one was much more exciting than the one in Guam when I was there, haha. Well, I sent a big handwritten letter about the Sunday so I will just include info on the rest of the week. Monday: survey the destruction.  So the church is mostly fine just 2 breadfruit trees fell behind the church, one took out about 5 ft. of overhang and the gutters got trashed. The other tree fell and destroyed the church bathroom (which is a seperate building). Just the very top of the tree fell on our house so no damage to the house.  We then went out to Mwan to find out what the plan was because there was no cell service in Wichap. Pretty much everything got trashed, there were 3 huge mango trees across the road to the church.

Tuesday:  Start work.  We headed out with machettes in hand and started chopping up the trees that fell on the church.  Then started working on the Road because it became a top priority to get the Hardy's truck out. So we worked hard for a few hours that day and then went to check on the members. Only 2 houses got destroyed amongst the members and we quickly helped them put them back up.

Wednesday:  Kept working. About half way through the day I was exhausted and couldn't hold a knife anymore. So i took a nap that lasted about 4 hours then was quite hungry.

Skip to Sunday:  Food from the church arrived and we started handing out bags of rice and ramen to the members. That is what we have done up until today and there is still allot of work to be done but President Zarbock wants us to start proselyting again.  But we will still be able to devote a couple of days to working.

Well time is going to run out, love you all and hope the best for all.

Love Elder Jeff Payne

Man stands by an uprooted tree on Weno.

Photo of Maysak from the International Space Station

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