Thursday, August 6, 2015

Life in Romanum

Some news about Elder Payne and Elder Dann

1. They have fixed the house up that they live in so much. Fixed the porch bannister, painted the walls, cleaned the black mold, fixed the bathroom door so that it closes and locks, jimmy-rigged the electiricty (solar) to work in the daytime. They now have enough power for a lightbulb but only till 5pm when the sun starts going down. Thye have no way of storing power for use at night. They also fixed the screen bug door, cleaned all the glass blinds, cleaned out the 250 gallon water tank and lots of other small stuff. Some of those jobs are faciltities management jobs but it's quicker to do it themselves. All they need is a car battery to get enough electricity to basic things yet it's been over 9 months and nothing has happened. They need 6 car batteries, then they can store electricity and at least hook up the fridge. They are getting really sick of eating the same old dried and tinned food.

2. Elder Dann reports that Elder Payne is a GREAT District leader and they are going to be the best district in the zone

3. They have had to start washing their clothes by hand because the lady that usually does it is pregnant, infact, she just gave birth. They were called upon to go and give a blessing mid-delivery. I can just imagine Jared's face when he found he had to do that !!!

4. The other p-day they started digging a hole on the beach. It was about 6feet long, 3 feet wide and 4 feet deep. Then the Branch President came along and asked them to stop digging because supposedly in Chuukese culture if you dig holes without a purpose then typhoons come! Apparently there was a bit of a wind the next day and people started saying a typhoon was coming. Then on the Thursday the wind got really bad and they couldn't go out. The wlls and floor of their house was shaking and the ocean was rough. People again were saying a typhoon was coming. Just as well it didn't or we know who they would've blamed!

I just wanted to say how thankful I am that your son is Jared's companion. He went through a really rough patch.  Jared got really stressed and depressed about it. We were really worried about him. Then Elder Payne came along. Your son has been brilliant and just what he needed. He's so happy to be with someone who loves to work. Elder Payne is such a great missionary and example to him. We are not worried anymore Smiling face with smiling eyes

Thank you Sister Dann for the great letter!

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