Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Training News and More

October 4, 2015

WHAT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Really? December 18th, that is really really soon. Wow haha I thought for sure that I would get home on New Years day and make it exactly 2 years.  Soooo that means that I will go home mid transfer! That will be interesting.  That also means that I will get just 6 days to teach with the full Chuukese copy of the Book of Mormon, wiooooooooooo! 

OH I have big news! Right now I am in Guam because I am Picking up a trainee!!! His name is Elder Guyman! We will still be on Romalum and that means I will finish my mission on  Romalum.  

So here is all the transferrs:
Mwan, Mechetiw, Uman, Fono, Tonoas, Neuo are all staying the same.
Sopota - Elder Dann and Elder Kiapen
Pokochou - Elder Leota and Elder Marshman
Romalum - Elder Payne and Elder Guyman
Udot - Elder White and Elder Gibson
Wichap - Elder Matavao and Elder Harmon
Sapuk - Elder Kjar and Elder Bloxham

I think that is everyone haha crazy transfers huh.  Well see you all in like less than 3 months!

Love you guys!

Jeff finally discovered his return date! :)

Elder Payne and Elder Guyman

Elder Payne and Guyman training

Singing the mission song.

All the new missionaries and their trainers - Oct 2015