Friday, December 4, 2015

News from Chuuk - maybe the last one before Elder Payne's return.

Dear Family                                                                       November 9, 2015

Well it's getting close to . . .  Christmas!!

Ha ha, you thought it was going to be close to the time when I get to come home. haha.  No but honestly, that is close too.  Only 5/6th of a transfer left, 30 some odd days.  Man it is super wierd to think about it because I don't know any thing else but missionary work right now.  Oh well . . . see you all soon.

My companion Elder Guymon, before he came out on his mission, he worked at Philmont Scout Ranch and has been telling me about it and how much fun it is to work there.  So I got to thinking about it and it sounds like fun (and he said it pays well). So this last trip to Weno I printed off the application.  (sent with the snail mail).

Everything is going good here.  Elder Guymon is picking up Chuukese really well.  We already had a baptism together and are hoping for another few in December.  So help us by praying for us when you can.

Elder Jeff Payne

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