Thursday, December 4, 2014

Thanksgiving letter from Guam

Dear mom,                                                                             November 30, 2014

Ok what I want for Christmas is (my 2 front teeth, haha heard that in a store today and thought why is Christmas music on it isn't even cold yet...) I could use new white shirts because the ones I have are getting to the point of dirty that the dirty doesn't come out when you wash it haha.  Some other things that would be nice but not necessary; some more of the nice family pictures like a bunch if possible because I like to give them to the families that I get to know really well,  I would like a tie clip/pin, I need a new oil vial (it dissapeared somewhere between Chuuk and Guam and I have looked everywhere) and whatever other random New Mexico tourist stuff to trade people for random Guam/Chuuk tourist stuff, haha. 

We do have a Christmas tree!

Right now it's just me and Elder Rice, Elder Matalolo got moved last transfer.  Elder Rice "dies" or goes home on December 18th.

We are teaching Mattheus and Irine, they are an older Chuukese couple that we have been seeing. They agreed to be baptized if they find out it is true, they are really cool people and they always make us kool aide when we come, and Mattheus is from Uman and Irine is from Wichap.  We teach a ton of Chuukese people and they are all super cool.

So I had 3 thanksgiving dinners and 2 others that I couldn't eat anymore on Thanksgiving so we just packed some plates to take home and eat later.  And here on guam thanksgiving consists of rice/red rice (depending on if they are Chamoro or not), BBQ chicken, turkey, ham, potato salad, turkey tail and a few other things depending on who you eat with.  It is was hard for a lot of people to do a thanksgiving dinner because they don't have a lot of money.

Well Love you guys.

Elder Jeff Payne

Elder Payne's current mailing address:
620 W. Route 8
Barrigada, Guam 96913  U.S.A

The Elders all enjoying Thanksgiving!

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