Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Elder Payne Transferred to Uman

Jeff wrote a short e-mail this week to let us know he has been transferred.  His new area is the small island of Uman.  South of the island of Weno.  His new companion is Elder Fermanis who is from New Zealand.

He will only be able to e-mail us about once a month.  Continue to send regular letters to the main Chuuk Zone post office box:

Elder Jeff Payne
P.O. Box 861
Moen Chuuk, FSM   96942

We had sent Jeff a package a while ago and he let us know that, "The Red Robins Salt is like gold here".  He is in need of some new pants because he has lost a lot of weight.  Something more sturdy like Dickies.  We will have to get them in the mail - they might make it to him by Christmas.

That's the report for this week.  The rest of this week's e-mail was just answers to other personal questions.

Stay tuned...  He promised a 'big letter'.

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