Monday, January 13, 2014


Dear Mom, Dad, Kris and Jay,
I love you all so much!  I just wanted to say that to you all because I feel like I didn't say it often enough at home.

Well after you guys dropped me off at the MTC, the host missionary and I went to drop off my stuff in my room.  I was the first one there and kind of got to meet some of my district.  I didn't get to meet my companion till later cause he was late.  My companions name is Elder Calinzales he is from Maryland and is super cool.  We met our teachers yesterday and we met the MTC presidency. Then we had dinner and it is just like EFY food haha.

Then we did what they call teaching experience.  Where they brought in recent converts and we (we had about 30 of us in this class) had to teach them
the first discussion.  That was super hard mainly because very few of us were on the same page as to what to say to them but oh well.

Then we met our zone leaders.  They are all super cool.  It's kind of weird though like even though they are the same age as us, they act and talk older and they seem like they've lived here for years.  When they've only been here like a week, it's kind of funny.

Well I'd better start wrapping it up.  I love you all so very much and hope you guys all stay safe.  Jay, stay strong and I look forward to your first letter.

With all love,
Elder Payne

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