Sunday, January 26, 2014

Mail, Apartment, and Sick...

I have everything I need so far.  The letters you sent haven’t come yet.  The zone leaders have it so we just need to go over to their house and get it all.  I’m super excited to get my birthday package.  Oh and one other thing is don’t send fragile things because Chuuk mail is super rough on boxes. 
Oh and that’s another thing right now I am in the state of Chuuk on the island of Weno and my house is in the town of Wichap (so you guys can show everyone where I am on the globe haha).

I met the Crisps the other day.  They were like ahhh you know about Ramah.  We had a good time talking about it.

My house is a little place right next to the Wichap church building.  It has a kitchen, bathroom, and one air conditioned room about the size of the TV room back home that has no windows.  This is where we sleep, eat, study and occasionally play chess.  Elder Peck is super cool.  He know Chuukese super well and is doing almost all of the talking.  I can only say hi my name is Elder Payne, I am from New Mexico.

How we get mail is it gets sent to the Chuuk post office and our zone leaders go and pick it up and hold it till Monday when we come in for pday.  I get to check emails every Monday in the Mwan chapel (haha me and my companion live a good hour walk from Wichap to Mwan). So it takes letters and packages about 2 weeksish to get to us.  I very much look forward to getting letters and packages though.

It hasn’t rained a lot because they have been having this dry spell.  But it is still super humid and rains more than has in a New Mexico year.  I’ve been sick from the food and worrying about filtered water all the time is hard but oh well.

Love you all and I look forward to the letters and packages.  Here’s a fun picture of where I am.

Elder Jeff Payne

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